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Re: 712/60 bootp/dhcp network boot problem

bootp and tftpd hosted on hp5 (a 712/60) work fine together to boot hp4
(another 712/60).
The fix was to remove dhcpd and rbootd. The real fix was to review bootptab
for the seventh time and fix the single-digit error in the mac address.

Thanks for the help from everyone.

Another question:

My net connection is dialup and it takes many hours to download the various
packages I want. Is there a way to indefinitely suspend the downloads apt is
Sometimes I need to use our only phone line for actual phone calls.

I know the *real* solution would be for cable modem or DSL but for various
reasons they are not available at this time.


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> > > IIRC the early HP PA-RISC machines use rboot instead of bootp/tftp...
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> > Yes, but I think the 712/60 is new enough to be doing bootp/tftp.
> Correct.  715/{33,50,75} does rboot; 712 does bootp/tftp.

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