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Kernel 2.4.26-32 on a 712/60 get stuck on boot calculating modules dependencies


I've got a HP 712/60 running on Debian.

I've installed (wiht apt-get) the latest kernel (2.4.26-32) for hppa
available from Debian, and when I boot on this kernel, the machine reach
the line "Calculating modules dependencies...", then remain idle.
(Sometimes it goes to "Loading modules...", and remain idle too)

I've waited about half an hour and nothing else happens, the keybord is
responsive (what I type on the keyboard is written on the screen) but I
have no other sign of activity.

If I boot back on the original 2.4.17-32, the machine boot completely
without problems.

I tried to generate the 2.4.26-32 module dependencies (depmod -a) from
the 2.4.17-32 kernel, but it remain the same.

Is there a known problem with recent kernels on HP 712 ?

(Something "strange" is that the "power" led is off when the 2.4.26-32
is booting)


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