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RE: Disaster strikes

Hello James,

> Joel
> Just to clear up, in my earlier email I meant I could mount the drive
> using your original advice (mount -o remount,rw /) but couldn't get the
> changes to checkroot.sh to work.
> I have since discovered I was making one of the changes in the wrong place,
> you pointed this out as below.
> Using the -t $roottype doesn't work, so I removed the $rootdev and
> $fstabroot entries and this has resolved the issue.
Great news :-) and thanks for feedback (I try here to reproduce but without

> My only concern now is if I do another apt-get dist-upgrade will this
> re-occur? This is how the problem arose.
well, iirc your are already running the last 2.4.26-smp 64bits so the bug
is still there.
I will so try to find back the Dave's patch I backport in it's time and
propose this one. may be would it be still accepted?

Awaiting you can:
  - avoid to update your system,
  - continue to update but you can mark your iniscripts as hold to avoid
to update it( I need
to check back how to do it) or you have to take care to apply manually the
previous tips before you reboot.
  - you can also upgrade your kernel to a recent 2.6 (but not yet smp ready
even thought I
think very soon see parisc-linux.org m-l :)


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