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Re: shiny new rp2430 (A400) won't boot :-(

Le vendredi, 23 avr 2004, à 16:57 Europe/Paris, Glascock, Donald S. a écrit :

[snip] Grant already answered the rest of this...

For the record, as soon as I power on this system, the 'Attention'
and 'Fault' lights flash, but I have no idea if this is normal, or if not,

why they're flashing.

It's normal because no one has written the PAT PDC code to update
chassis logs/leds. Since I'm rarely in the computer room where my
A500 lives, it's never bothered me.

This is absolutely wrong. I wrote that code more than a year ago...

Please don't post messages without first making sure you're up-to-date.


Thibaut VARENE
The PA/Linux ESIEE Team

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