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Re: shiny new rp2430 (A400) won't boot :-(

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 09:57:12AM -0500, Glascock, Donald S. wrote:
> Hi, again --
>   I regret not including the article to which I refer.  Here it
> is, in the form of Grant's response to it:

Thanks - but I'd prefer just the URL since it came from the archive.

And that was a fairly very old article.
rp2430 has been working well for about a year.
2.6.5 or 2.4.25 kernels are good choices right now.

I installed my rp2430's by first installing on an older a500 (PA8500),
updating the kernel, then cloning the disk. I've also once net boot
a kernel and pointed them at the install CD as a root disk. I don't
recall if I did a cold install then or just fixed up my mess and
restarted. But it's something else to look at.

BTW, the Debian Sarge installer is very close to working.
Once available, it needs to be tested by others (I will clobber
one of my systems as well). But I expect it to use a 2.6 kernel
and to run fine on pa8700 systems.

Unfortunately, it will likely miss the window to add PA8800 support.


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