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RE: shiny new rp2430 (A400) won't boot :-(

Hi, Grant --

  Thanks for your prompt response.

>>   I regret not including the article to which I refer.  Here it
>> is, in the form of Grant's response to it:
> Thanks - but I'd prefer just the URL since it came from the archive.

  Sure -- here are the URLs of the two articles:



  You're correct that the articles are old, of course, but the point
of failure in the boot process so precisely matches that described
in this first article that the uninitiated like me would wonder if
they aren't the same issue.

  Are you recommending that I wait for the next release (3.0r3?),
burn those CDs, and see if things work better?  If so, are there
estimates for the release of the next version?

  Thanks for your time & your help!

Don Glascock

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