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Re: Debian 3.0r2 and fibre channel (boot) disks...?

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 09:52:14AM -0500, Glascock, Donald S. wrote:
> Hi --
>   We have a handful of rp2430s running HP-UX 11.00 with HP FC
> HPAs installed, which allow them to boot from RAID-protected
> SAN-speed disk space.  I haven't been successful at finding
> documents that tell whether or not this will work for such a
> system running Debian 3.0r2 for HPPA.

It depends on which HP FC.

The driver of interest is "cpqfc".

The Agilent XL2 base (2Gb/s) HBAs are not supported.
The Agilent TachLite series (5100/5166, 1Gb/s) do work.
At least somewhat.
Martin K. Petersen will maintain the cpqfc driver and would
be very happy to do some developement work to add XL2 support
if someone is willing to fund that.

HP's new dual port FC HBAs are based on qla2312 chips but last time
I tried on parisc, did not work. The qla2300 driver does work fine on
HP ia64 machines and thus it must be something in the parisc port
that causes them not to work right on my a500. Long term I'd like
to get those working since (1) I have faith the 2.6 qla2300 driver
is supported well by Qlogic and (2) I have 30 FC disks and a switch
that's only accessible from ia64 right now!

>   If I've missed such
> a document, would you steer me toward it, please?  Is anyone
> booting their Debian HPPA systems off of SAN RAID space -- or
> at least using disks that are fibre-channel attached?


>   Thanks!
> Don Glascock
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