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Re: Problem in booting with the sarge netinst.iso

Hi Bdale,
yesterday evening I downloaded the daily built image (102825984 2004-04-23
22:19 sarge-hppa-netinst.iso reports the ls -l command), and today I tried
it on 710 workstation.
The system hanged again at the same point, when it tried to use the kernel
image (32-bit for this workstation of course).

> After that the system hangs, it seems not to react!
> What dows it mean?

That the sarge installer image you were trying to use has a kernel command
line that is too long for palo to handle.  Not
>your fault at all.

I've been working on debian-installer for hppa the past couple of days.
with a little config file hackery in mid-process, Richard and I were successful
at getting all the way through installs on a b180 and a c160.  I've
commited fixes for all but one of the problems, and I'm working on that

> PS: I hope to find the time to help as much as possible the hppa team
> porting/testing the new d-i. Thank for the great job!

I will try to work on code tonight



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