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Re: Problem in booting with the sarge netinst.iso

ste@opensolution.net (Stefano Melchior) writes:

> After that the system hangs, it seems not to react!
> What dows it mean?

That the sarge installer image you were trying to use has a kernel command
line that is too long for palo to handle.  Not your fault at all.

I've been working on debian-installer for hppa the past couple of days.  Today,
with a little config file hackery in mid-process, Richard and I were successful
at getting all the way through installs on a b180 and a c160.  I've commited
fixes for all but one of the problems, and I'm working on that tonight.

Still more work to do before I consider the installer "done" for hppa, but it
should be possible to use sarge installer daily build images and expect them
to work before long... but the one you have now is definitely hopeless.

> PS: I hope to find the time to help as much as possible the hppa team in
> porting/testing the new d-i. Thank for the great job!

That's greatly appreciated.  I'll try to remember to report to this list when
I think the bugs I currently know about in d-i for hppa are fixed and the fixes
have made it into the daily images.


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