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Re: [parisc-linux] Re: if something is not done, hppa will not have an installer for sarge

Richard Hirst wrote:
> > I think just reducing the command line would be the best option.  Why's
> > it so long?
> This is the cmdline when booting from the aforementioned ISO:
> Command line for kernel: 'ramdisk_size=8192 root=/dev/ram      devfs=mount,dall 
> init=/linuxrc DEBCONF_PRIORITY=high console=tty0 sti=8/24 sti_font=VGA8x16 TERM=
> linux palo_kernel=0/vmlinux'

> Note palo has added at least
> "console=tty0 sti=8/24 sti_font=VGA8x16 TERM=linux palo_kernel=0/vmlinux"
> which looks like 71 of our 127 chars - hence my comment about
> whether or not the 127 char limit is supposed to include the
> bits added by palo.
> If we just take the part that is passed to palo when the ISO is
> mastered, I guess that is
> "ramdisk_size=8192 root=/dev/ram      initrd=0/ramdisk devfs=mount,dall init=/linuxrc DEBCONF_PRIORITY=high"

I doubt all of these are needed. At least root= and devfs= aren't
in use any more on other d-i arches, same for linuxrc.

The TERM=linux mentioned above looks a bit weird to me, shouldn't
it be default anyway?


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