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Re: [parisc-linux] Re: if something is not done, hppa will not havean installer for sarge

> On Mon, 2004-04-12 at 10:05, Richard Hirst wrote:
>> Unbootable, or unbootable on 64 bit h/w?
> It seems to be unbootable entirely, but for 32 bit kernels that's random
> (sometimes it will, sometimes it won't).
>> > Unfortunately, palo is rather poor about checking this limit when
>> > installing the image or modifying the command line...
>> and last time I tried building palo on a sid system to investigate
>> these hangs on boot, the result didn't work at all :(
> I think just reducing the command line would be the best option.  Why's
> it so long?
> James

Well, palo adds a whole bunch of stuff to the command line automatically.
If, for example, your /boot directory is on the root partition and you're
testing a kernel called vmlinux-2.6.5-rc1-pa5, then you get at least:


In fact I think there is more (the B132L is offline right now and
the C180 is boostrapping Gentoo so I can't check). Then you only
need to add another parameter, like the very reasonable:


and you're screwed. Been there, done that!


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