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Re: Help: running on B2000

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 10:13:11 +0530
Saurav Sarkar <sauravs@cdotd.ernet.in> wrote:

> hi all,
> I have a B2000 workstation with Visualize-fxe graphics
> card. Is debian supports this graphics card? If not, can I
> use the monitor to run debian in console mode or do I have to
> connect a terminal?
> Also is it possible to install debian side-by-side hp-ux on the same 
> disk but on a seperate partition? My impression is that I need
> a separate disk drive for debian. Since I have only one disk
> drive, I haven't tried installing debian on it. But recently
> I saw a gentoo live-cd for pa-risc on their ftp-site and tried
> running it. The 1st CD fails with HPMC and 2nd CD hangs while
> scanning for something called NCR53c406a. I know this probably is not
> the right list to ask but can anyone give me some idea about what is
> wrong? thanks

You should try the livecd beta4 which should correct thoses issues.
If you still have problems, please, join #gentoo-hppa on freenode and I'll
try to fix the remaining issues.

(sorry debian guy's for speaking of gentoo on this list :)

> saurav
Guy Martin
Gentoo - HPPA port Lead / IPv6 team
Lug Charleroi (Belgium)

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