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Re: HP and Debian

elliotdray@hotmail.com (Elliot Dray) writes:

> I have a brief question about HP and Debian. I thought until recently
> that Debian was HP's preferred Linux distribution, but I read recently
> that HP have signed some agreement with RedHat. 

HP works with several commercial Linux distributors to help meet the needs
and desires of HP customers.  Events like signing new business agreements 
routinely make the news.  However, these events do not imply anything about 
HP's relationship with Debian.

Personally, I have to say that during and since my tenure as Debian Project 
Leader, the support from my management at HP to spend time working on things
Debian and to travel to various places to talk about Debian has been 

HP has shipped products based on Debian, and will continue to do so when it 
makes good business sense.  HP also sells and supports various commercial
Linux distributions when and where that makes good business sense.  It's not 
an either/or thing at all...


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