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ATY RAGE XL progress or Dino gscpci bridge pb?[was: Re: HP C180 video card]

Hi Grant,

Grant Grundler wrote:

On Sun, Jun 15, 2003 at 04:11:46PM +0000, Joel Soete wrote:
I tried to use a "PGX64 alias Rage xl " pluged in the first slot of my b180L. It seems to be well supported by kernel 2.4.21 (modeprobe ati128fb; # modules were well loaded).

cool - that's a good first step. I don't know where to go from there.
Hmm in fact I obtain better results with atyfb + "Mach64 CT/VT/GT/LT (incl. 3D RAGE) support (NEW)"; this time I obtain such message for kernel advising me that 'atyfb' modules is loaded and some other info collected from the device itself.

But no success to make XFree86 works (fbset /dev/fb0 not found)
I also reach to get (not yet changing) default setup with "fbset -fb /dev/fb1" :-)
But not yet find the way to setup X using /dev/fb1 in place of fb0 ;-( ?

Let see later because my very problem is there:
a) if I rmmod atyfb the system crashes
b) if I do not include "Generic sti fb" in the config of my kernel, when I insmod atyfb the system crashes also c) if I try to use Equinox serial mux (8P) (an oem HP product) module (with our without your patch Grant) the system crashes also?

The system is a B180 model using Dino GSCPCI bridge and in the two cases (even if messages are a bit different) the TOC shows always a pb on this bus (the analyse of toc after the crash of insmod eqnx point out a pb in timer_? routine). And in fact I figure out that I never have to use this bridge for another card?
Is somebody else used it successfuly or could it be broken?

Thanks again for any help,

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