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D370 debian installation problem


I've tried to install debian onto a D370 server, however it hangs with the usual message about about "branching to kernel entry point 0x00100000, if this is the last message you see...... etc...

What I'd like to know has anyone on this list installed Debian onto a D370? I know the parisc web site says it has been done. Is there anyone on this list who has?

The message it gives is to switch terminal (or something to that effect), but I'm running with a HP Terminal connected to the machine, so what should I do?

I know this has been asked and I have googled, but either I couldn't find an answer to the query when posted by someone else or the answers I found didn't make sense to me (sorry). I'm trying to get my company to look seriously at Linux and I previously installed debian easily onto a D220, but that was taken away whilst I was on holiday (typical!). Can someone help me with a step by step guide on sorting this out.


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