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Re: HP and Debian

Just want to add *my* $0.02 to the topic.
This is not an official HP position.

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 03:50:43PM +0100, Elliot Dray wrote:
> I thought until recently that Debian was HP's preferred Linux distribution

A fair number of people inside HP use for developement and support Debian.
(I'm one of them.)

And HP provides one of the primary US debian mirrors and more material
support is going to the parisc-linux, alpha-linux, and ia64-linux

"preferred" distribution depends on which customer one talks to.
In general, I think this misunderstanding stems in a talk Martin Fink
gave almost two years ago.
In no uncertain terms, it should be clear the HP uses (in-house),
*sells* and supports several RPM based distributions.
I know since I run one of the internal linux mirrors.

> , but I read recently that HP have signed some agreement with RedHat.

Several different parts of HP have agreements with RH.

> I know that some HP Unix/Linux guys read this list. so my question is has 
> Debian been confined to the backwaters of HP Linux development in favour of 
> Redhat?

Certainly not for parisc - there is no RH, SuSE or Connective distro
despite some weak interest to generate those.

> Can we expect the hardware documents locked in the vaults of HP to 
> be scrubbed and released for open source developers to construct drivers 
> for HP specific hardware?

Many of the older parisc docs are not properly archived or only exist
in paper format. Many newer docs for parisc and ZX1 HW have been
released.  But it's alot of work to scrub a document...I was
expecting it to be easier to deliver docs to interested developers 
under NDA but I'm being proven wrong on that too. :^(


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