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Re: ridiculous mail restrictions

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 07:10:59PM +0200, Alexander Gabert wrote:
> there is (as far as i remember) no such "legal disclaimer" mentioned when
> initially joining parisc-linux.org or debian-hppa

no, there isn't.  i'll fix that now.

> i did not ask Patrick for his mail nor can i prevent such actions.

who's patrick?

> it simply does not matter that grsecurity is nonpublic.

It really does matter.  It excludes people (such as myself) from
participating.  That's bad.  That fragments community and in the end
we are all poorer.  The people on the grsecurity list were unable to
receive my comments on what you said.

It's kind of like the GPL.  Everybody has to participate.

> your behaviour is in fact a good example for a reason why open source and
> modeless IRC channels can work and DO work.
> YOU are not "required" to keep it going.
> YOU are just another coder working on the biggest open source project ever.
> the linux kernel.

That's a common misconception.  The internet isn't an anarchy, it's
an interlocking web of fiefdoms.  I have root on parisc-linux.org so I
have the ability to kick people off the mailing list.  That's a pretty
anti-social thing to do, so I don't do it lightly.  However, you were
contributing to antisocial behaviour, and just like the GPL takes away
some freedoms to preserve greater ones, it might be necessary to remove
people from the mailing list.

Fortunately, you have agreed to stop acting in an antisocial fashion,
so it's not necessary for me to.  Note that I'm not threatening to remove
you for disagreeing with me; that would be abuse.

> the only thing you, Matthew, can do to shock me is leave the scene and
> quit working for linux and debian and parisc when you are fed up with
> stupid people like me, you eventually will do find a nice little job at
> IBM or HP or EDS.  only that would astonish me, as you are a creative,
> important and intelligent factor to the parisc-linux port.

Actually I already have a nice little job at HP.  I don't represent their
views on this mailing list so I don't post from my HP address.  I have no
intention of leaving the project and I haven't threatened to.

"It's not Hollywood.  War is real, war is primarily not about defeat or
victory, it is about death.  I've seen thousands and thousands of dead bodies.
Do you think I want to have an academic debate on this subject?" -- Robert Fisk

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