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ridiculous mail restrictions

hi Matthew,

i thought about it that evening when i went to bed.
but the next morning, i did not mind any more.

there is (as far as i remember) no such "legal disclaimer" mentioned when
initially joining parisc-linux.org or debian-hppa
i did not ask Patrick for his mail nor can i prevent such actions.
i will meet him this weekend in Hamburg and will talk about that with him
(or he just invites me for a beer to repair the damage done)
you see, in Asia, they have the good old tradition of laughing or smiling
when something hurts or someone gets impolite.  psychologically quite
i often search for information on the internet.
i found much about grsecurity patches on search engines.
as i do with debian and parisc machines.
it simply does not matter that grsecurity is nonpublic.
parisc-linux and debian-hppa are.
which is good.
and i like good things.
i post things to be found.
i post things to be found by people who are searching for such things.
that is what mailing lists are for.  find things.

you can always "remove me" from your list.  it is your list.

you will always be able to do what you want.

you see...
your behaviour is in fact a good example for a reason why open source and
modeless IRC channels can work and DO work.
YOU are not "required" to keep it going.
YOU are just another coder working on the biggest open source project ever.
the linux kernel.

YOU should be damn proud of it.

remember, people like you have no real power.
you deliver your knowledge and your work to the GPL.
but you can NEVER "take it back".

you can always remove ME.

but i will continue to read debian-hppa and parisc-linux.

from a professional point of view.
i don't go into that "flame thing".

something that apparently seems to be missing in your comments here.
i have a three year old son.  in this situation he is way older than you.

the only thing you, Matthew, can do to shock me is leave the scene and
quit working for linux and debian and parisc when you are fed up with
stupid people like me, you eventually will do find a nice little job at
IBM or HP or EDS.  only that would astonish me, as you are a creative,
important and intelligent factor to the parisc-linux port.
you are not "required" to keep it going.
don't even think this way.  forget it.
you can only lose.
your style is ridiculous.

i am not one of your parents.
and i am not very much older than you.
i also won't be able to do coding and implementation like you do.
but i always respect people.  and i will learn to understand.

you think, you can do that shittalking because you are so good.
the reality works exactly the other way around:

people respect you if you give them the feeling that you are not just
another freak who thinks of himself as unbreakable and untouchable.
Matthew Wilcox said:
> On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 08:04:00AM -0500, Michael S. Zick wrote:
>> On Wednesday 16 April 2003 06:42 am, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
>> >
>> > BTW: http://www.fuck.off/news/learn2flame.html

pappy@murdock:~$ lynx -dump http://www.iana.org/root-whois/ | grep "\.de"
     [80].de  -  Germany
pappy@murdock:~$ lynx -dump http://www.iana.org/root-whois/ | grep "\.off"

*sorry, could not resist*

today 60 years ago, in 1943 the LSD drug was invented by a swiss doctor.
he instantly "tested" it with quite a big overdose.
he is 97 years old today.

i wonder if he still remembers what his first flash was like.

calm down, folks,



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