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Re: DF <> SE Compatibility, Size compatibility with Debian, /HOME & other noobness?

> 1) Read the PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO
> http://pateam.esiee.fr/doc.html


> > 1. I was wondering if DF-disks work in SE slots.
> If it said "do not use" and you want to use anyway, try it at your own
> risk...

The original server came with HP-UX loaded onto a DF-disk, in an
SE-slot. That's why I asked.

> > Are there known issues w/ installation on large (9GB)
> > disks?
> that's item 1)

I know I have to keep my vmlinux within the first 2GB of the hard disk...
I took great care to install everything in the sub-2GB part of the 9GB disk
but still it didn't load: "IPL error: bad LIF magic. Error Reading IPL"

> > 3. how do I set /HOME to a different disk?
> > Using PALO + boot-parameters : "HOME=/dev/whatever" ?
> item 1) as well


> > kind regards + thanks a lot for helping this newbie,
> most newbie's help stand in 4 magical letters: R.T.F.M :)

In one list I'm considered a guru, here I'm just another noob :-)

 - bram

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