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DF <> SE Compatibility, Size compatibility with Debian, /HOME & other noobness?


1. I was wondering if DF-disks work in SE slots.
All the disks are marked on the bottom with
a caution against just this ("do not use in SE slot"),
but isn't DF backwards compatible?
The slots in the 'server-casing' itself are SE, the slots
in the 'drive-arrays' are DF, so it seems logical to
install everything on the DF arrays instead of the
disks in the server-slots.
I only noticed yesterday that the slots in the 'server-casing'
are SE, which is half as slow!

2. I've been having big problems using larger disks
for installing Debian-HPPA on it, but last night
I at last succeeded in installing it on the
smallest disk in the server (2GB).

Are there known issues w/ installation on large (9GB)

3. how do I set /HOME to a different disk?
Using PALO + boot-parameters : "HOME=/dev/whatever" ?

4. last but not least. For a server with 512Mb RAM, what
is the recomenended swap-size? And, should I put the swap
on a different disk?

kind regards + thanks a lot for helping this newbie,

 - bram

PS: "welcome to debian" was quite nice to see :-)

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