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Re: DF <> SE Compatibility, Size compatibility with Debian, /HOME & other noobness?

See further the items corresponding to your questions

This is a template message.

1) Read the PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO

2) Read the FAQ

3) Read the parisc-linux mailing-list archive

4) Check the Hardware Database

5) Check the supported machines list

6) Read the "HOWTO Report a Kernel Bug"

7) Read the "HOWTO Build a PA-RISC/Linux Kernel"

That template may grow as some questions will reappear :P

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003 10:03:05 +0200
"Smartelectronix - Bram" <bram@smartelectronix.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> 1. I was wondering if DF-disks work in SE slots.
> All the disks are marked on the bottom with
> a caution against just this ("do not use in SE slot"),
> but isn't DF backwards compatible?
> The slots in the 'server-casing' itself are SE, the slots
> in the 'drive-arrays' are DF, so it seems logical to
> install everything on the DF arrays instead of the
> disks in the server-slots.
> I only noticed yesterday that the slots in the 'server-casing'
> are SE, which is half as slow!
If it said "do not use" and you want to use anyway, try it at your own
> 2. I've been having big problems using larger disks
> for installing Debian-HPPA on it, but last night
> I at last succeeded in installing it on the
> smallest disk in the server (2GB).
> Are there known issues w/ installation on large (9GB)
> disks?
that's item 1)
> 3. how do I set /HOME to a different disk?
> Using PALO + boot-parameters : "HOME=/dev/whatever" ?
item 1) as well
> 4. last but not least. For a server with 512Mb RAM, what
> is the recomenended swap-size? And, should I put the swap
> on a different disk?
the swap size depends on the use you'll make of the box.
to put the swap on another disk, just follow the instruction of the debian
installer and chose to format one of your disks accordingly.
> kind regards + thanks a lot for helping this newbie,
most newbie's help stand in 4 magical letters: R.T.F.M :)

Thibaut VARENE
The PA/Linux ESIEE Team

"Every rational person has two homelands, his own and France"
   - Thomas Jefferson

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