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Re: Problem installing MySQL-Server; dpkg not helpful

Michael Heller said:
> Andrew, thanks.
> I've run "sh -vx /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server.postinst configure" as root
> and it basically finishes with no errors. Great!  Unfortunately "dpkg -s
> mysql-server" doesn't recognize that the package is fully configured.  Do
> you think this will cause problems down the road?
> Thanks,
> Mike

It's unlikely to cause a problem.  Next time you do an 'apt-get install'
of something, any packages already installed on the system that are
marked as unconfigured will get hit with 'dpkg --configure' as part of
the installation process.

You can manually invoke dpkg now to re-run the mysql-server postinst
script with 'dpkg --configure --pending'.  It will probably succeed and
mark the package as being fully installed and configured.

If you're interested in tracking down the original problem, you might
like to remove mysql-server with 'dpkg --purge mysql-server' and try
installing it again to see what happens.


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