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Installing using hp terminal... ansi display issues...

Hi List,

This has probably been asked a few times before, but I couln't find
anything while googling and browsing list-history.

I'm trying to install debian on the second disc of my HP D220 system.
I've got a installation of UX-11i on the first drive, that worked great.

I've attached the HP serial terminal/console to the D220 to do
installations and setup. When I boot from the debian-cd-image it looks
like most hardware is detected and the installation-system starts.

The problem is only that my serial-console doesn't understand ansi, and
I've been unable to get the install/config system to use plain ascii.

I've tried by setting the TERM variable from the palo prompt to hp,
hpterm, ascii etc... no change, debinst stills brings me ansi codes.

Who can help...

Mark Janssen -- maniac(at)maniac.nl -- GnuPG Key Id: 357D2178
Unix / Linux, Open-Source and Internet Consultant @ SyConOS IT
Maniac.nl Unix-God.Net|Org MarkJanssen.org|nl SyConOS.com|nl

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