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Re: Video card detection on a C3000

On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 06:15:18PM +1000, Daron Edie wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've recently bought a Visualize C3000 workstation with an FX4 video card

Currently, only VisEG/PCI is supported as a Frame Buffer.
FX* gfx cards are only supported in "text" mode - not frame buffer.
If you wanted a graphical console (bitmapped graphics), you need
a different card.

You want to look at the parisc-linux mailing list archives at:

when doing research on graphics support.

> I tried installing a 32 bit PCI VGA card (an S3 TRIO clone) so as to run KDE.
> The problem is that the VGA card is detected by the system setup (using the
> IO list) but the MOnitor setting reports no display adapter.

S3 Trio doesn't have STI firmware on it (PA-RISC Specific).
PARISC firmware only supports cards with STI (not BIOS).

> I have come to the conclusion that the Visualize C3000 will only work with
> the series of cards that HP provide for it i.e. the FX2, FX4 etc, can
> someone confirm this?

As console, yes.  It should be possible to plug in and run an X11 server
on other PCI gfx cards that don't require legacy or BIOS initialization.
And a few people are trying that. But I don't recall anyone successfully
doing that yet.


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