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Video card detection on a C3000

Hi all,
I've recently bought a Visualize C3000 workstation with an FX4 video card installed and as I didn't have a suitable monitor I installed Debian via the console and after that used telnet from my windoze box. I am ultimatly setting it up as a firewall/server but my ability at using Linux from the console is limited so I tried installing a 32 bit PCI VGA card (an S3 TRIO clone) so as to run KDE. The problem is that the VGA card is detected by the system setup (using the IO list) but the MOnitor setting reports no display adapter. I did a search on the net and found only a few references from people asking the same question, but no answers. I have come to the conclusion that the Visualize C3000 will only work with the series of cards that HP provide for it i.e. the FX2, FX4 etc, can someone confirm this?
I do off course realise that I should:-
a) Learn to work from the console and
b) Buy a decent monitor anyway  ;-)
Thanks for any help,

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