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hpux binary emulation

Dear linux hppa users,

I'm new to the list. I'm considering to ionstall linux on my 712/100, however I have a key application running which is at present esential for my work. I'm using citrix metaframe client to connect to a windows terminal server. I know the the rdesktop client, however rdesktop does not connect to our srever, and in addtion it does not allow access to the local disk.

I'm wondering now if anyone has expirience with the hpux binary emulation under hppa linux. To my understanding linux should be able to execute binaries for hpux. How do I have to set up my system, which libraries are necessary, or can I mount a hfs disk under linux ?

I appreciate any help


Frank Mattes, MD					Tel:0044 207 830 2997
Department of Virology				FAX 0044 207 830 2853
Royal Free and University College Medical School e-mail f.mattes@rfc.ucl.ac.uk
London, UK

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