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Re: [hppa] Can someone lead the blind on the boot menu? series 735

Scott Edwards said:
> I have in front of me a hp apollo series 735.  It has an hp 98785A
> monitor attached via 3 R/G/B cables.  When I start it up, the preboot
> menu is displayed, but I see 4 sections of it wraped around.  What are
> my menu options to switch video modes?

You should be able to cycle through the available video modes by
pressing the Tab key on the connected keyboard.

> Also, where can I find the specs on the keyboard connector and
> communication?  I would like to build a smart adapter (basic stamp,
> what-haveyou).

The HIL keyboard?  I'm sure it's documented somewhere, but I don't have
it to hand ...

A Google search for "HIL keyboard pinout" has some likely looking hits;
that would be a good place to start.


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