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recovering from a failed libc6 upgrade

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Randolph Chung wrote:

> It is an unfortunate fact that failed glibc upgrades are often not easy
> to recover from, since most anything on the system depend on it. Your
> best bet probably is to try to boot a 2.4.19 kernel if you can.

How?  I cannot load one from floppy, since we don't have floppy support.

> Or, you may have some success booting into sash and running dpkg manually to
> downgrade glibc.

That's not installed by default, is it?

I tried passing init=/bin/sash by adding it on the fly using IPL.  Fails.
The kernel still says it tried killing init.

Any help is appreciated.

Martin-Éric Racine
"Kas sa tahad mind? - Nej!!! Är du en idiot?!!"
Tallinn, Eesti;
Espoo, Suomi. 

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