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Re: testing: coreutils: uname -a segfaults

=?iso-8859-1?Q?Martin-=C9ric_Racine?= wrote:
> Btw, Ralf:  placing a bug report is useless.  None of those bugs I report
> ever
> got as much as a response, assides from the automated reply sent by the bug
> reporting system.  Package maintainers don't followup.

If you use a package, it's in your best interest to file bug reports.
If a bug is outstanding and the maintainer isn't "active", the bug
report provides someone else the excuse to NMU (Non-Maintainer Upload)
a fixed version *and* eventually cause the fixed version to get "promoted"
to testing or stable release (depending on the severity of the big).

How fast things get fixed depends on how much time/interest the
maintainer of record has. Of course, submitting patches with your
bug will accelerate thing substantially.

IMHO, after apt-get (and it's infrastructure), bugs.debian.org is the next
most valuable "feature" of debian.


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