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Out of Office AutoReply: testing: coreutils: uname -a segfaults (fwd)

This is the third time that person puts their auto-reply to stuff I post to the
debian-hppa list and not directly to them.  Can someone please unsubscribe them?

Martin-Éric Racine, Espoo, Finland.
"Kas sa tahad mind? - Nej!!! Är du en idiot?!!"

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 07:48:18 +0100 
From: "MENASE,LAURENT (HP-France,ex2)" <laurent.menase@hp.com>
To: Martin-Éric Racine <q-funk@pp.fishpool.fi>
Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: testing: coreutils: uname -a segfaults


I am out of the office I'll be back on tuesday 4th of november.

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Laurent Menase -- HPS SE HPUX networking

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