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Re: testing: coreutils: uname -a segfaults

On Sun, 3 Nov 2002, Randolph Chung wrote:

> In reference to a message from Martin-?ric Racine, dated Nov 04:
> > uname (coreutils) 4.5.2
> > 
> > It works fine on my i386 hardware, but not on the 712.  The funny thing is,
> > uname with the separate options and they all work, but doing -a segfaults.
> > 
> > I just thought I'd point this out, as it affects the bootup script that produces
> > the motd, plus the build scripts of several packages that use uname to determine
> > optimization options, etc.
> this has been reported already. coreutils has a silly arch dependent
> patch in it that doesn't work on several architectures.
> Upgrade to 4.5.3. This should fix it.

It indeed does.  Thanks, Randolph. 

Btw, Ralf:  placing a bug report is useless.  None of those bugs I report ever
got as much as a response, assides from the automated reply sent by the bug
reporting system.  Package maintainers don't followup.

Martin-Éric Racine, Espoo, Finland.
"Kas sa tahad mind? - Nej!!! Är du en idiot?!!"

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