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Re: what to do with hppa?

On 03/11/2002 Randolph Chung wrote:
> > You mean building binutils on IA-32 for hppa, or building binutils on
> > hppa for other ports?
> > I built binutils on IA-32 for hppa, and it was not a big problem.
> nah, i'm talking about someone maintaining binutils/gdb for the
> hppa-linux target.

You mean for example the package binutils-hppa and gdb-hppa? gcc also
doesn't exist for hppa as package, he?
I can play a bit and then decide if I want to do this, but it could make
big problems on other ports than IA-32, he?

> we don't support floppy installs for hppa anyway, only network and cdrom
> based installs.

I think that debian-installer in general doesn't work network-based
at the moment, he?


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