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Re: what to do with hppa?

On 03/11/2002 Randolph Chung wrote:
> There is much to do... depends on your interest:
> - 2.5 kernel work (check out the parisc-linux mailing list)

Hu, to high for me ;)

> - hppa toolchain, especially binutils and gdb

You mean building binutils on IA-32 for hppa, or building binutils on
hppa for other ports?
I built binutils on IA-32 for hppa, and it was not a big problem.

> - porting more packages to hppa. a lot of packages still need work for
>   C++, etc (http://auric.debian.org/~tausq/buildd/hppa-latest.html has a
>   list of packages that don't yet build for various reasons)

Hey, I'll take a look at this list.

> for installer work, debian-installer probably doesn't work on hppa yet,
> so you can look at that as well.

Mh, I have no floppy drive for my 712/60. But the whole machine has many
pc-like things, like PS/2, RJ-45, ... and there is a normal floppy
controller on the mainboard. Does a normal floppy drive work in the
712/60, or do I need a special one? And if, where can I get one?


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