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Debian csh "no shell" at login

I installed csh shell from apt-get install it installed ok however when
added to /etc/passwd as a user login shell the system responds with "no

I checked the /etc/shells file and it is there as /bin/csh and /usr/bin/csh

why in the world is this shell linked from /bin/bsd-csh to
which is linked back to /bin/csh??

The reason to use this shell is that on our hp-ux box we use .cshrc which
/usr/bin/csh. I tried changing the /etc/passwd from /usr/bin/csh ( hp-ux )
/bin/csh ( Debian linux ). Still "no shell" is the login response.

What am I missing here.

Meatime I am changing all the scripts to run under bash, but this task is a
real pain.
and may not be possible as some scripts require rexec calls to systems using
csh on hp-ux.


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