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Re: Debian csh "no shell" at login

Quoth PINKERTON,PHIL (HP-Cupertino,ex1):
> I installed csh shell from apt-get install it installed ok however when
> added to /etc/passwd as a user login shell the system responds with "no
> shell"
> The reason to use this shell is that on our hp-ux box we use .cshrc which
> needs 
> /usr/bin/csh. I tried changing the /etc/passwd from /usr/bin/csh ( hp-ux )
> to
> /bin/csh ( Debian linux ). Still "no shell" is the login response.

I think you've probably broken your passwd file when editing it by hand.
Restore the file (or just the root: line) from /var/backups/passwd.bak
if possible, then make your change using chsh(1) or vipw(8).

[Insert usual warnings regarding changing root's login shell.]


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