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Re: Couple of questions

steve@cgpsystems.com (Steve Barr) writes:

> Greetings!   I have recently acquired an HP 715/100, and am very interested
> in the Debian HP-PA project.  I run Debian on several Intel PC both at work
> and home.

Cool.  I have a 715/80 running here.  Works fine, and is essentially the same
machine.  The /50 and /75 are older and different.

Where are you located?  If you're physically near one of us, we may be able
to lend some hands-on help.

> I have two questions that I haven't been able to located answers for.  I
> have searched the mailing list archives, but didn't have much luck/
> 	1)	Is there an inexpensive source for HIL keyboards?

I'm pretty sure the 715/100 actually needs an enternal box that has HIL and
PS/2 interfaces on it, and a modular plug on a short cable that plugs into 
the back of the unit.  I don't *think* it can take an HIL keyboard directly.

I have such a box on my unit, but don't have a spare.  Maybe someone watching
does?  And yes, this is part of why these machines can sometimes be had very

By the way, the machine can probably be made to run fine with a serial console
though that's obviously less sexy than getting a keyboard and monitor going
on it... though whether you can switch to serial console without having a
keyboard to talk to the firmware once is unclear to me.  :-)

> 	2)	I want to replace the factory 1.05gb (ST11200N)	hard drive 
>               with a larger drive.  Do I need a drive with the proprietary 
>               HP firmware?  Or will any (<4.3gb) SE SCSI drive work?

I've used a variety of SE SCSI disks.  Once in a while something hasn't quite
behaved right, but you can clearly use a lot of disks that don't have HP
firmware and be successful.


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