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RE: Couple of questions

> > I have two questions that I haven't been able to located answers for.  I
> > have searched the mailing list archives, but didn't have much luck/
> >
> > 	1)	Is there an inexpensive source for HIL keyboards?
> I'm pretty sure the 715/100 actually needs an enternal box that
> has HIL and
> PS/2 interfaces on it, and a modular plug on a short cable that
> plugs into
> the back of the unit.  I don't *think* it can take an HIL
> keyboard directly.

I couldn't remember if we had the adapter on the unit we had or not.  (Many
moons ago I used to use HP me10 on a 715/100 at my previous employer.)  I
was trying to remember how everything connected together.

> I have such a box on my unit, but don't have a spare.  Maybe
> someone watching
> does?  And yes, this is part of why these machines can sometimes
> be had very
> cheaply.

I should have looked at that before I bought mine.  Oh well...  I'm sure
I'll find something to make this thing work.

> By the way, the machine can probably be made to run fine with a
> serial console
> though that's obviously less sexy than getting a keyboard and
> monitor going
> on it... though whether you can switch to serial console without having a
> keyboard to talk to the firmware once is unclear to me.  :-)

Hadn't thought about that, but that's a possibility.  I'm not really
interested in the GUI.

> > 	2)	I want to replace the factory 1.05gb (ST11200N)	hard drive
> >               with a larger drive.  Do I need a drive with the
> proprietary
> >               HP firmware?  Or will any (<4.3gb) SE SCSI drive work?
> I've used a variety of SE SCSI disks.  Once in a while something
> hasn't quite
> behaved right, but you can clearly use a lot of disks that don't have HP
> firmware and be successful.

Great.  I'll find me a larger drive.

Thanks for the information.


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