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Re: Micro-HOWTO debian-hppa on 715/80 with serial console & cdrom

At 07:15 PM 9/1/2001 -0400, B. Douglas Hilton wrote:
2. Make the cdrom

   I used the iso image "palinux-0.9-32serial.iso" from
   www.linux-parisc.org  When Debian woody is ready
   you should just follow the new instructions.

   Note: I tried the 0.9.2 image and it did _not_ work
   with this 715/80. You have been warned. Newer is
   not always better.

   Download and make the cdrom as per the CD-Writing
   HOWTO. In my case, after un-gzipping I just did:
       cdrecord -v speed=8 dev=0,6,0 -data palinux-0.9-32serial.iso

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to burn the ISO CDROM from a NT box?
Any burner I have access to does not have Linux running on it.

The ones I have tried creating have failed to boot.

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