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Re: booting problems

Hello Richard,

Richard Hirst wrote:

On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 12:06:07PM -0400, James Waterhouse wrote:

Hello everyone,
I'm seem to be having trouble booting into linux on my 712/60. I hope someone can help. I have built a new kernel (from cvs) and also set up an nfs root. When I try to boot the linux boots up to the point where it says "Cleaning: /tmp/ /var/lock /var/run" and then it just hangs. Any idea what is cause it to hang? Could there be a problem with the nfsroot?

Possible.  What are you using for your nfsroot?

For an nfsroot I'm using the debian base from

Does it still respond to pings?

Yes it still responds to pings.

What console are you using?

I don't know... (do you mean sti or serial? if so then I think it is sti ... whatever is default the config)

Do you get a prompt if you boot with 'init=/bin/sh'?

How do I do that?



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