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Victory is mine! (kinda) See below...

Ok, my screaming new 715/80 will boot with the old iso
image from parisc-linux, the "palinux-0.9-32serial.iso"

My network is up, and I can talk to http://us.debian.org,
but when I try and install the base system from the
network it reports it can't download "fileutils" and

I can install the base from 0.9-32serial but it has a lot
of errors like "Warning, error dpkg --force ... etc" but
it eventually completes and my system is now bootable
from the hard drive.

However, it then grumbles that the filesystem is read-only
and init eventually disbles all runlevels.

Thinking I'd be sneaky, I switched the cdrom to the 0.9.2
disc after installing the kernel and install the base system
from that. However it aborts when it can't get libstdc++

So I'm back re-installing 0.9-32serial. Can somebody
provide instructions on how to boot this beast and get the
hard drive to be read-write? Maybe I need to boot to
ipl and change the kernel command string? Or maybe
reboot the cdrom and shell out and change something
in /target?

I think once I'm booted I should be able to use dselect
to sync with http://us.debian.org and upgrade to woody
since the network seems to be live.

- Doug

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