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Re: RFS: libpsm2


Please avoid top posting. That makes in-line answer look weired.

Am Mittwoch, den 20.12.2017, 16:24 -0600 schrieb Brian Smith:
> Hi Benjamin,
> Thanks for your review. I sincerely appreciate it.
> re: Files-Excluded
> This stanza is present to make "gbp import-orig --uscan" ignore the
> upstream debian directory. Are you sure that it shouldn't be there? I
> have tested it with the current rev of buster and the import
> appropriately ignores that directory.

Yes, it shouldn't be there. Uscan will repack the source and exclude
these files from the repacked upstream tarball. What you want is just
to exclude the debian directory from the import to the git repository
which you can do with using --filter.

> re: versions in symbols
> It seems like 1.3.0 wouldn't cause issues. This is the first rev of
> libpsm2 packaging for Debian, and any future rev would be > 1.3.0. I
> have no issue relaxing it to 1.3.

You mean 10.3 instead of 1.3, don't you?

debian/libpsm2-2.symbols specifies 10.3 as package minimum version.
It's better to specify the upstream version from the package upload (in
your case 10.3-37).

The versioning looks very strange and I opened an upstream bug report
to clarify it: https://github.com/01org/opa-psm2/issues/22

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