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Re: RFS: libpsm2

On December 12, 2017 12:01:21 PM EST, Brian Smith <bsmith@systemfabricworks.com> wrote:
>I haven't received any responses to my request for sponsorship of
>libpsm2. If I don't hear from anyone today, I'll seek help on

I was traveling recently, but I had taken a quick look at it last night and was hoping to give it a full review tonight. If you're fine with some partial notes to get started:

* You use arch:amd64. Would it work for kreebsd-amd64 as well? If so, I'd suggest putting arch:any-amd64.

* I saw two symbols files, but they seemed to me from my quick look to be for the same binary package.

* The vcs repository currently resides in pkg-ofed. It'd be nice to put it in the debian-hpc space (/git/debian-hpc/ on alioth).


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