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Re: RFS: libpsm2

On 2017-12-21 01:17, Brian Smith wrote:
Hi Mehdi,

I don't know if alternatives is the correct usage for ibpsm2-2-compat.
It's a pretty specific use case. The only reason one would use
ibpsm2-2-compat is when you have a binary that depends upon PSM, but
you have PSM-2 hardware (i.e. Omni Path). The sole purpose is to allow
applications compiled against PSM support to work with PSM-2 hardware.
My interpretation is that it is very much an "outside case".

Exactly. My use case was scientific applications received in binary form
(and for which we do not have the source code or we don't have the permission to recompile it) and compiled on systems where libpsm2 is not available (i.e. all Debian versions so far). Alternatives help system administrators to choose the best configuration depending on the cluster's hadrware, without having to deal with users batch scripts or modules loaded in the default environment.


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