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Re: Git migration

> > What about moving all tools into this (DHG_packages) repository and
> > building package of them, `haskell-devtools' for example.
> not sure about this. Who will want to use the tools without the
> repository? So what (besides Dependencies) is gained by duplicating the
> scripts in both places?

TL;DR; Packaging separates roles of `script writer` and `script user`.

Correct. But there is non-technical issue. Packaging is not only
dependencies, it is also style and documentation.

Consider fresh-new script 'what-to-build.pl'. Well, I can guess what it
does, and even it do right thing when called from where it is. But to get
how does it decides it, I have to read source. I read Perl, but why
should arbitary contributor?

Script 'tag.pl' is almost copy-past from 'what-to-build.pl' (EVIL!), but
I fail to say what it does from glance. All-in-all, problem is not
documentation, problem is that it is intended for those who already
knows how all this works.

One day I tried to use `mass-upgrade.sh' and failed. To fight through
errors, I had to read source of script, then man page of another dpkg-*
tool, rinse and repeat. It is cathedral.

So I belive that packaging out scripts will force us to write them more

> Also, if the tools live in the repo, they can find the path to the
> packages using $(dirname $0) :-)

Little problem. Just introduce something like DHG_PACKAGES_ROOT and
set it in your .shellrc.

> > Also, I am pretty sure that packages.txt should live with packages.
> > Opinions?
> Possibly yes, but I’d defer that change until the new repo is working
> smoothly.

No problems.

> > X-Keep-In-CC: yes
> I’ll try to keep that in mind. But please not that unless explicitly
> requested, it is common practice in Debian to _not_ put people directly
> in CC, so please avoid putting me in CC.

Okay. I will add a hook.

Also, I have idea, and even some steps of reimplementation out
haskell-devscripts via debhelper


Why? Debhelper provides library that implements things, like `substvar',
that we reimplement currently with grep and sed. In fact, main logic
currently is in Dh_Haskell.sh. Perl may be not the cleanest language
ever, but it is general-purpose one, unlike shell. Opinions?

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