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Re: Git migration

On Sun, 12 Jul 2015 21:57:51 +0300
Dmitry Bogatov <KAction@gnu.org> wrote:

> I just put out combined git repository on
> 	/git/pkg-haskell/DHG_packages.git
> Welcome contribute there.
> Also, I am going to write some documentation for our customs and pre-commit hooks to enforce
> it, like disable packages that are later that in plan.

I there already some way to unpack the upstream sources to p/package/
in one command (or does uscan have a flag that unpacks the sources
into the current directory)?
If not, I would start writing one.

Joachim suggested that we could put some tools inside the packages
repository and I think this would be a good tool to go there.
What do you think, what tools should go into the package repository and
which should stay separate (if at all)?

I would tend to put tools that work on the repository itself (like
debian2dsc, mass-release, etc...) inside the packages repository and
leave tools like binNMU out of it (because it doesn't work on the
On the other hand it seems very tedious to split tools between two


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