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Re: Git migration


Am Montag, den 13.07.2015, 17:43 +0200 schrieb Sven Bartscher:
> I there already some way to unpack the upstream sources to p/package/
> in one command (or does uscan have a flag that unpacks the sources
> into the current directory)?
> If not, I would start writing one.

Just enter the directory and issue "origtargz", and it will
 * download the right tarball, if it is not already there, and
 * extract it over the current directory, removing possible out-dated 
   files there, but leaving the debian/ directory as it is.
> Joachim suggested that we could put some tools inside the packages
> repository and I think this would be a good tool to go there.
> What do you think, what tools should go into the package repository 
> and which should stay separate (if at all)?

I was about to port “my” tools (mass-build, mass-release, mass-upgrade)
etc, and clean them up a bit.

> I would tend to put tools that work on the repository itself (like
> debian2dsc, mass-release, etc...) inside the packages repository and
> leave tools like binNMU out of it (because it doesn't work on the
> repository).

Precisely my thoughts.

> On the other hand it seems very tedious to split tools between two
> repositories.

We’ll see what’s left in tools and re-consider then.


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