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Backporting GHC to stable and oldstable

Dear Backports team and Haskellers,

I’d like to make deploying current Haskell based applications on Debian
stable easier, and in order to do so, start backporting Haskell to
stable-backports and oldstable-backports-sloppy.

The question is: How much should we backport. I see a few variants:

 A Only ghc and cabal-install (with build dependencies).
   Good enough to get started and use "cabal install" to fetch and 
   build everything else you need from Hackage.

 B The whole haskell-platform:
   Allows beginners to run "apt-get install haskell-platform" and
   get a good starting set. Serious users will still need to use
   "cabal install" for the rest.

 C Backport everything:
   That would involve uploading ~700 packages to backports. With some 
   scripting for updating the changelog, and building it in the right
   order, I believe the effort is doable. Not much worse than what I 
   have to do after a new version of GHC enters the archive.

@Backports team: Do you have an opinion on that? Especially if the
setup will handle variant C?

Also, is it possible to schedule binNMUs in *-backports in the usual
way (not required for the initial upload, but if we later upgrade a few


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
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