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GHC-7.8 is in, what next?


with the transition finally over, we can get working properly again. I
suggest we set ourselves a goal, then concentrate on that, instead of
randomly dabbling with uploads.

I suggest this goal now:
 * Upgrade all LTS packages to their version in the latest LTS-2
release (currently LTS-2.15).
 * Upgrade other packages as need to be compatible with that, or
remove them, if they get in the way and are not key packages.
 * Upgrade other packages as we see fit.

I also suggest to approach this more organized: 
 1. Create a package plan with all our intended changes.
 2. Upload only the planned changes.
    (Exceptions for additional uploads that are unforseenly required)
    (Also exceptions for leaf packages and small groups of leaf packags)
 3. Ensure this enters testing.
 4. Then consider what to do next.

Do you agree?

If so: The package-plan is all yours. Put in what you want to enter
Debian in this round. How long should this phase go?


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
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