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Re: followup to irc conversation about building 7.8 with 7.6


Am Samstag, den 27.06.2015, 00:45 +0100 schrieb peter green:
> To follow up disabling the patch did indeed fix the issue in
> question. 

glad to hear that.

> After also fixing an issue with a local hack of ours the package built 
> successfully. I don't know if you want to do anything about this on the 
> Debian side.

Not sure. It is only a problem for people bootstrapping GHC from older
versions. One could have made ghc build-depend on ghc (>= 7.8) to make
that more explicit, but it doesn’t really gain anything: Anyone trying
to bootstrap the compiler would have to override that dependency
anyways. I’m inclined to leave it like that, and hope that everyone who
stumbles over the issue will find this conversation.

> While I was working on the package I also noticed that the clean 
> target doesn't seem to cleanup config.sub and config.guess resulting 
> in a failure to build the source package if you start the build again
> after a build failure.

I’ve seen this before, but because I always build with sbuild, it did
not itch me too much so far. Patches welcome. If anyone feels like
cleaning stuff up; ghc’s debian/rules is quite convoluted and could use
some re-thinking. But again, not a high priority, at least for me.


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