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followup to irc conversation about building 7.8 with 7.6

This morning I had a discussion with nomeata on irc:

<plugwash> anyone seen errors like http://paste.debian.net/261522/
<plugwash> specifically while trying to build ghc 7.8 using 7.6
* nomeata has changed the topic to: Debian Haskell | GHC: 7.6.3 in stable; 7.8.4 in testing; 7.8.4 in unstable; 7.10.2-rc1 in experimental <nomeata> plugwash: uh, that looks like it could be caused by one of my patches
<nomeata> plugwash: which 7.8 precisely is that?
<plugwash> latest from testing/unstable plus some local raspbian patches
<nomeata> Try building without debian/patches/reproducible-tmp-names. It does not break anything, just makes the package be less reproducible.
<plugwash> trying now
* sulky has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
<plugwash> (it will take a while before I know if it's made a difference)

To follow up disabling the patch did indeed fix the issue in question. After also fixing an issue with a local hack of ours the package built successfully. I don't know if you want to do anything about this on the Debian side.

While I was working on the package I also noticed that the clean target doesn't seem to cleanup config.sub and config.guess resulting in a failure to build the source package if you start the build again after a build failure.

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